Is it possible to connect to two different database servers in a shiny app?

Dear experts and fellow users

I'm building a shiny app that needs to access a Microsoft SQL server and a Neo4J server.

The whole thing is build using flexdashboard.

I use the pool package for Microsoft SQL Server database where i stored tabular data, and the RNeo4J package to access my Neo4J database where i store connected objects.

I connect like this:

con  <-pool::dbPool(odbc::odbc(),
                   Driver   = "ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server",
                   Server   = "dkhoeinnsql01",
                   Database = "xxxxxx",
                   UID      = "xxxxxx",
                   PWD      = "xxxxxx",
                   Port     = 1433)

neo <- RNeo4j::startGraph(http://linuxpath:7474/db/data, username = "xxxxx", password = "xxxxxx")

The SQL and Neo4j parts of the app function fine when i connect to one or the other, however, only the neo connection works when I try to connect to both...

Question: is it possible to connect to both data bases, each on a different server, at the same time? Any suggestions ideas are most welcome.

Thank you for your insights and help...


Solved - The error was due to clashes in names

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