Is it possible to change (restrict) the indexing path for "Go to file/function"?

Hi, sorry if this has asked before but a quick search of this forum did not reveal an answer:

I have an RStudio Project directory for a scientific analysis project with a data subfolder containing many, many data files. I have begun to notice that the "Go to file/function" search (which I normally use Ctrl - . for) is taking an unhelpfully long time to return search results when I search for a function definition. At first, I thought it wasn't working at all, but then after waiting some time (maybe 20-30 seconds) I saw the search results pop up, and I noticed that it was returning results from some of those data files whose names happen to partially match the function name I was searching.

I keep all of my source code in subfolders specifically for code, and ideally I would like to exclude the data folder from indexing to speed up the search. However, I'm not sure how to alter the indexing path. The only related option I saw is in Tools > Project Options > Code Editing > Indexing, and there the checkbox is only for indexing the entire project folder, which is already checked.

Please advise if possible! Is the best solution to move the data out of the project folder? I currently have it in there via symlink, so I could break the symlink and just call the actual data paths in my code, but I really like keeping data in a subfolder of the project repo and using the here package to centralize data paths.

(I am running into this particular issue on RStudio Server 2023.09.0 but I think it's a general RStudio thing.)