Is it possible to add a common y-axis title to grid::grid draw(rbind...

Just discovered what I think is gridExtra for plotting several graphs at once (and its very helpful!)

If I wanted to add a common y-axis title for multiple graphs displayed in a single column after employing the following:

gA <- ggplotGrob(Temp250m)
gB <- ggplotGrob(Temp2008m)
gC <- ggplotGrob(Temp3828m)
gD <- ggplotGrob(Temp4325m)

grid::grid.draw(rbind(gA, gB, gC, gD))

Can I ask how to go about doing that?

Thanks for any guidance

Hi, welcome to the forum.

It is not really clear what you mean by a common y-axis. I think we need to see more of your your code and some sample data. If possible can you point us to an example?

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