Is it possible to access log of RStudio GUI git commands?

Is it possible to see a history of the messages that appear in the popup git pane after clicking an RStudio git button (push, pull, new branch, etc.), such as:

>>> git checkout -B branch4
Switched to a new branch 'branch4'
>>> git push -u origin branch4
remote: Create a pull request for 'branch4' on GitHub by visiting:        
 * [new branch]      branch4 -> branch4
Branch 'branch4' set up to track remote branch 'branch4' from 'origin'.

Or once you close the popup, is there no going back?

hi @jtr13

Did you try git log on the terminal of Rstudio?

Thanks. That shows the commit history. I'm looking for a way to see the terminal history such as:

$ git pull
Already up to date.
$ git branch newbranch
$ git checkout newbranch
Switched to branch 'newbranch'

ok , u can just use history command in the terminal . To see history that contains git use
history | grep git.

Hope this help

Yes, helpful, didn't know about that. I still have the issue though that git commands that are executed by clicking buttons in RStudio don't end up in that history. In other words, it appears to only be a history of what was typed in the terminal.

I'm not sure that u can have these log

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