IRR Cohen's Kappa Shiny R

I'm needing to make a shiny app to calculate Cohen's Kappa for a series of different circumstances in the context of interviewers ratings of an interviewee, so after the interview the managers can input their scores and get a reliability coefficient.

I'm green to working with shiny and wanting the managers to be able to input the number of interviewers and number of questions on the interview. I've accomplished that with the following:


# Define UI for application that computes Cohen's kappa
ui <- fluidPage(

    # Application title
    titlePanel("Structured Interview Reliability Calculator"),

    # Sidebar with input for number of bins 
                        "Number of Interviewers:",
                        min = 3,
                        max = 5,
                        step = 1, value=3),
                         "Number of Interview Question:",
                         min = 4,
                         max = 10,
                         step = 1, value=7)

        # This needs to be updated

Ratings or observations are integers 1:5. Interview questions range from 5:9 and interviewers ranges from 2:4.

I would now like to use the input to create a data frame for the managers to input their ratings - such that the first input "Number of interviewers" is the number of columns, and the second "Number of Interview Questions" is the number of rows. I'm having issues extracting these values from a list to create objects specifying the dimensions of the df. Ideally, I would like this new data frame with the inputs from the hiring managers to simply be passed to the agree() function from irr package and spit out a reliability coefficient.

Appreciate any help in completing this project!

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