iPad and Bluetooth keyboard

Well, Rstudio Cloud is a really great initiative!

Today I wanted to see how it would work using my iPad as I left my laptop at work. I think it would be truly productive if the iPad and other tablets would be supported. Not for long and complicated analysis, but for things like

  • quick changes, e.g. in the field
  • jotting down and trying ideas while away from a real
  • presentations
  • just having the iPad option :wink:

So, it looks good and familiar :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, most of the keys do not work. E.g. ESC, Ctrl, arrow keys. This applies to both the software and Bluetooth keyboard. (everything works in this input field).


Thanks Per!

You can track some of these issues in the IDE's Github repo. Once they are fixed there, they will make an appearance on rstudio.cloud in short order.