invalid 'x' error in chi-square test

I am getting invalid 'x' error in chi-square test. Kindly refer below code and guide.

attach (br)
table(br$East, br$West, br$North, br$South)
chisq.test(table(br$East, br$West, br$North, br$South))

Error in chisq.test(table(br$East, br$West, br$North, br$South)) :
invalid 'x'

The documentation for chisq.test() says that x, the first parameter, has to be a vector or matrix, that is, an object with one or two dimensions. You are passing it a table with four dimensions. If you try

chisq.test(table(br$East, br$West))

you should not get that error, though the result may not be meaningful for your application

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