invalid subscript type 'closure' error


I am trying to plot bayesian skyline plot using Tracer generated data in R. For one one of the lines in my code it gives the following error:

Error in rgbcols[t] : invalid subscript type 'closure'

I am not sure what's the issue in the code above.

Hi, I'd need to know more about rgbcols. My instinct is that you're getting this because rgbcols is a list, and so paste(rgbcols[t]) is a list; colour usually needs to be specified as a string (see the 'Color Specification' section of ?lines).

Please share a reproducible example which isn't necessarily based on your skydat data (so maybe make an example with a built-in dataset like iris instead of your Tracer data) and give detail on what rgbcols is. Hope that helps,

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