invalid 'envir' argument of type 'logical'

data <- read.csv("G.CSV")
Error in eval(substitute(expr), data, enclos = parent.frame()) :
invalid 'envir' argument of type 'logical'

In this line of code


What is F supposed to be? It is being interpreted as the value FALSE.

F is a dataset,Can you help me solve this problem?Thank you very much if you can

Please show the code that assigns a data set to F and then the use of F in the with() function.

data <- read.csv("F.CSV")


May I ask you where this error appeared?

You have stored the data set F.CSV in a variable named data. The with() function should act on data.


Error: Input should be logical or numbers between 0 and 1.

After changing to data, such an error occurred again

I suppose the new error is coming from the fuzzyand() function. You can test that by running

data <- read.csv("F.CSV")

with(data, fuzzyand(A,C))

If that produces the same error, then either you column A or C is not of the correct type. As the error says "Input should be logical or numbers between 0 and 1."
If you post the output of


someone may be able to help you further.

Thank you very much, the problem has been solved

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