Introduction of Fuzzy search on R Help with felp package and RStudio Addin

Hi, Let me introduce new functionality of felp package: fuzzyhelp() function and "Fuzzy Search on R Help" Addin.

They will help you interactively and fuzzily find the help you want.
You no longer have to be afraid of a typo or a fuzzy recollection.


  1. Open the UI by fuzzyhelp() or "Fuzzy Search on R Help" Addin
  2. Input search keyword
  3. Select a topic you want
  4. Preview
  5. Close the UI
    • Done button will bring you to the real help
    • Cancel button will just close the UI

You can install with remotes::install_github("atusy/felp")
I would be happy if someone tries and give me feedback prior to sending to CRAN.

I have also posted a brief summary in Japanese:

Thank you!!

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