Intra-Cluster Visualisation

Hi All,

Would someone know how to conduct some type of visualisation within a cluster in R (i.e. plot histogram/frequency of a certain variable within a cluster)?

For example, suppose my partitioning around medoids output was summarised as follows:


enter image description here

Would anyone know a set a commands which would help plot a histogram for something like 'MR' from cluster 1?

Would appreciate all thoughts.


We really need to know more. have a look at

What package are you using? A quick look at CRAN Task View: Cluster Analysis & Finite Mixture Models
suggests that there are ~107 packages that do something resembling clustering.

Fair point.

I've been using several packages for cluster analysis/visualisation/stability analysis.


Most of my visualisation relies on factoextra, but I've not found commands for any type of intra-cluster visualisation.


I would recommend using str(pam_results) and looking for the labels of clustering on the data. Then you can left join the labels to your data and conduct your analysis/visualization.

Thanks Fred,

I appreciate that . Very helpful :slight_smile:

Hi again,

Sorry to bother you all.

I conducted the str(pam_results) command to obtain clustering labels. However, I am struggling to identify them from the 'str' output.

Would appreciate someone's help identifying the clustering labels in this particular instance.

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 13.18.23

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