Interpretation of co-citation in Bibliometrix

I don't know how to interpret the co-citation network. The unit of analysis is the document. The map contains references that are not included in my database. Is this correct?
I mention that I operate with a combined database (I merged WoS and Scopus data).

Thank you!

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Hi Mihaela, there are several types of co-citation analysis in bibliometrix, the author co-citation network is created using the first author in each reference. There is a small example in this video Co-citation analysis with bibliometrix - YouTube

I'm not sure how you merged both datasets, there is an option in bibliometrix with mergeDbSources but it does not merge the reference variable. I merged them with tosr package (it is not perfect but it is useful)

Hope it helps you.

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I merged them with mergeDbSources. Maybe here is the problem. Thank you very much!

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