Internal Server Error When Creating New Project

I'm having trouble creating an R Studio project in the R studio cloud, it says "Internal Server Error" but there are no problems when I open an existing project.

Can someone help me solve this?
Here is the screenshot


Sorry to hear you're having trouble. In order to diagnose we need the project URL showing this error message. If you aren't comfortable sharing this information publicly, feel free to direct message the URL to me instead!


Hi Steve. Actually it is happen on Posit Cloud .

when I hit the "new project" button. an internal server error warning immediately appears as shown below.

Here are some of the steps I have taken.

  • Re-login
  • Cleans Browser Cache
  • try on another computer.

But, the problem still occur.

I think I found the problem, this problem arose when I changed the name of the account at and for some reason since that change my R studio cloud was unable to create a new project.

When I returned to the previous name, everything became normal.

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