Interface suggestions

After posting my first question, I'd love to see the ability to preview the markup rendering. Also, I wanted to create a new tag ("teaching") but couldn't figure out how.

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Don't you see a preview on the RHS when typing?

Feel free to request more tags here - teaching is a great idea so I'll add momentarily

Interesting, I do now. I don't remember what it looked like at first, but I believe the preview window was obscured by some first-time-user popup tip box of some sort. @hadley

Also, threaded replies might be nice.

I would very much appreciate a teaching tag.

I've realized that I've become an advocate in my workplace, where there are quite a few beginner to intermediate R users (many also work in SAS and a few in STATA). I've been telling them about what an exciting time it is to be an R user and how much eaiser it is to get up and functional in R now.

I will also be providing introductory workshops for those who are so new to R that they can barely spell it. My plan is to dive straight into data exploration and let them pick up this new R dialect that you guys are developing rather than Ye Olde R on which it is being layered.

Thanks all, and keep up the good work.


I know this is minor, but I would recommend switching the "RStudio" logo at the top left corner:

.. using instead one that says "RStudio Community" (Or maybe an icon that looks like a home?)

The current version is a bit perplexing because it looks like you can click it to go ("exit") to the main RStudio site, so I started looking around the page for a "Community home" icon/button. After a few seconds, of course I clicked on the RStudio one and found it's actually the Community home page.

Also: I'm impressed by the many features available from launch. Great job!

The absence of threaded replies is a deliberate decision by the discourse team.

Good - idea we'll work on a better logo!

It's not standard threading, but notice that if you want to view a somewhat threaded form, you can click on the "# Replies" button on the lower left of a post (such as your post on threaded replies). Of course, that requires that people click on the appropriate reply button when responding to a specific post.

I've put something up temporary as it'd be bad to cause confusion. Might be too small though?

Yes, I almost missed it myself because of the "thanks for contributing" sticky note that pops up.