Interesting case of P value over 1!

Attempting to run a bartletts test of homogeneity of variances and I am presented with the following output.

Bartlett test of homogeneity of variances

data: Abundance by Depth
Bartlett's K-squared = 35.697, df = 2, p-value = 1.772e-08

Testing with Shapiro-Wilk test for normality determined that the three levels of the factor Depth are normally distributed. Abundance data has been standardised to 1m2 from a 0.2m2 sample.

Data was loaded into R by selecting a sheet from an excel document in the following format

Abundance Depth
8.33 S
0 S
0 S
0 S
0 S
0 M
29.155 M
0 M
116.62 M
0 M
41.65 D
441.49 D
24.99 D
841.33 D
0 D

Any idea what's going wrong? Am I mistaken about the P values?

The p value is 1.772e-08 = 1.772 * 10^-8 = 0.00000001772. The e-08 notation represents "10 to the -8 power"

thanks I didn't spot the - sign amongst the value

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