Intercalibration of DMSP/OLS nighttime lights


I want to ask if there is a package in RStudio for intercalibration of the satellite DMSP/OLS nighttime lights. If so, what is the name of the package? If not, what do you recommend me to do?
I have 4 satellite imgs of DMSP/OLS which are not calibrated. I have download them from NOAA's website.
I tried to make the intercalibration using GRASS GIS v.7.4 by using the methodology proposed by Elvidge (2014). Unfortunately, the intercalibration was unsucceful.

I am new to R and my programming skills are not so good.

Have you seen this:, (and on CRAN).

It seems to be actively developed at the moment. If this is your field the maintainers might welcome help.

I did, yes. It did not helped me.