Interactive Outcome Table - Table Contest Submission

Interactive Outcome Table

Authors: Stefan Ecker
Affiliations: Medical University of Vienna

Abstract: Interactively compare survival and outcome probabilities between an ongoing study and a reference study. Choose a timepoint and dynamically update the data table and plots.

Full Description: Researchers in large oncology studies are often interested in multiple outcome measures (Local control, Overall survival, Cancer specific survival, disease free survival, etc... ) between similar studies. Outcome probabilities can be estimated using the Kaplan-Meier estimator, but KM-plots can quickly become overloaded when you want to assess multiple variables. We can use an interactive data-table to elegantly display a high density of information.

The interactive table compares the probabilities for three clinically relevant endpoints between two hypothetical studies.
It uses data based on the survival package's National Wilm’s Tumor Study (NWTCO) to compare the outcome of an ongoing study (NWTCO4) with a reference study (Reference).

For each endpoint (Local control, Survival, Cancer specific survival) the outcome is calculated for the overall cohort and individual sub-groups (Group). If the survival probability of NWTCO4 is greater than the reference it is highlighted in green.

Confidence intervals (CI) and number at risk are displayed for the ongoing study as well. Expanding one of the Endpoints shows the corresponding KM-Plot with the reference study (blue) and ongoing study (red).

The data for this app is fictional. It has been adapted for illustration purposes and has no clinical relevance .

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