Interactive HTML with crosstalk filters - Table of NFL Team Ratings

Author : Kyle Cuilla - Twitter @kc_analytics - LinkedIn - GitHub kcuilla (Kyle Cuilla) - Website
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Interactive table and chart displaying the NFL team ratings (from Pro-Football-Reference) and playoff odds (from FiveThirtyEight) for the 2020 season.

The data used to create the table and chart is scraped from the web so it can be updated throughout the season after Pro-Football-Reference and FiveThirtyEight updated their pages after the games in each week are played. This makes it reproducible and eliminates the need of downloading an external csv file every week.

The table was created using the reactable package and is linked to an interactive plotly chart through crosstalk filters. Additional CSS code was added to enhance the styling of the table.

Data is sourced from and, and pulls in the latest week available after each game in that week is played.

  • Interactive plot built using the plotly package
  • Interactive table built using the reactable package
  • Plot and table interact with each other through the crosstalk package