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I have 3 sample shiny apps viz., "sample1", "sample2", "sample3".
I would like to access "sample2" shiny app and "sample3" shiny app, through 'tabItem1' and 'tabItem2' in shiny app "sample1".

How can I link sample2.R and sample3.R files to sample1.R ?

Is there any function I should use to link ?
Can anyone provide me sample code for this linkage of two shiny app files to a home page which is sample1.R?

Any help will be appreciable.

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You can use iframes to do that

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@PorkChop is correct, iframes are the best way to "integrate" shin apps (or any other web page) into your app. I just wanted to add the note that this will not allow you to access or share data between the two apps, it's purely taking one shiny app and placing it inside another.

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