Integrating package that is not an htmlwidget into Shiny

Some background:
I'm an undergrad working at a bioinformatics lab on campus. My work has been aiding in re-writing our lab's genome browser into modular web components (using Google's polymer). I have been developing an R package that interfaces these web components to be used in RMarkdown and RStudio's viewer. Because htmlwidgets does not support web components (and our web components do their own data binding), I took a different route and leveraged htmltools into creating these components in order to be knitted into documents.
I am extending this package to be used in Shiny applications and I am unsure how to approach this. As our package is not an htmlwidget and I cannot use the two functions, shinyWidgetOutput and shinyRenderWidget, for the boilerplate functions fooOutput/renderFoo. Is it possible to integrate this into Shiny without being an htmlwidget?

Link to package

@bgottfried, yes it is possible, but the mechanism depends on your priorities. tags, script, and dependencies can be added with htmltools in the UI. If you are trying to communicate events Shiny.onInputChange is probably the easiest method of communication.