Integer number decimal

Hi, I have a problem and I do not know how to solve it.
I have a .csv file and the column of the variable "age" (integer) one number is 60667 but should be 60.667. I tried to change directly from the file I cannot either. I see the format and seems to be "ok", it is a number, this is the code #.##0,00. I even try to copy the format from another cell that it is ok, but nothing works.

I tried thinks like this "heart_failure$age<-sapply(heart_failure$age, function(x) as.numeric(gsub(",", ".", x)))" but it is impossible, I do not know if someone could help me to do this with Rstudio, thanks a lot!

Looking at a csv file with a in a spreadsheet can be deceiving because of the cell formatting. Use a simple text editor to see the content of the csv.

It seems you are trying to add a thousands separator to the number. That will, as far as I know, change the number into text. Is that what you want? That should only be done for purposes of display after all of the calculations are complete.

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