Installing tidyverse and other packages

I am trying to load tidyverse in Rstudio Cloud, and get the error message as shown below:

Error in library(tidyverse) : there is no package called ‘tidyverse’

Works perfectly well with my Windows laptop running Rstudio app.
Also trying to install openair and get the same message.

Error in library(openair) : there is no package called ‘openair’

Any ideas to help a novice Rstudio users

I am not a Cloud user. If that happened on my desktop version, it would mean that I have to install the packages first. The command for that is


There is also a menu Tools -> Install Packages that brings up a dialog where you can type in the package names with no quotes. Tidyverse is fairly large, so the installation will take a few minutes. After the installation, you can run the library() command to load the package.

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