installing the brms package and C++ compiler

dear Posit Community,

i have a task that i must complete for a course, but the instructions are based for the application version of R-studio, which i do not have.

we have a lecture on the Bayesian approach, so need to install the brms package. it's a package that depends on a C++ compiler (stan), which needs to be installed first and linked to R.

for reference, i use Mac OS Catalina (10.15.4)

does anyone know how i can achieve this? any help is appreciated greatly !!!

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I am fairly sure that the RStudio version does not matter.

How you install a C++ compiler depends on your OS. On Windows, install Rtools, on macOS, install the the XCode command line tools. On Linux, install the g++ (or similar) package.

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On top of this, look into the sysreqs and pre-requisites for the rstan package which provides the interface between R and stan:

From RStan: the R interface to Stan (

"Stan has a modeling language, which is similar to but not identical to that of the Bayesian graphical modeling package BUGS (Lunn et al. 2000). A parser translates a model expressed in the Stan language to C++ code, whereupon it is compiled to an executable program and loaded as a Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) in R which can then be called by the user.

A C++ compiler, such as g++ or clang++, is required for this process. For instructions on installing a C++ compiler for use with RStan see RStan-Getting-Started.

The rstan package also depends heavily on several other R packages:

  • StanHeaders (Stan C++ headers)
  • BH (Boost C++ headers)
  • RcppEigen (Eigen C++ headers)
  • Rcpp (facilitates using C++ from R)
  • inline (compiles C++ for use with R)

These dependencies should be automatically installed if you install the rstan package via one of the conventional mechanisms.

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