Installing RTools without admin rights

Hi All

A new member at this community. Motivated to join based on the help from one of the exchanges here at this community
RTools not recognized

Thank you "queermath", "Mara", and "AntoineC"

What you did is not just help with the latest version of RStudio not recognizing RTools correctly, but also allowed me to work with R, RStudio, RTools without having admin rights to change System variables on Windows work machine.

I could change User variables, but when I load "devtools" and run "find_rtools()" it scans the main System variables that I could not edit.

I have installed RStudio through Anaconda and I knew "devtools" does not require RTools to be on the default location ("C:\RTools\bin etc)

This has been a week in the making to get a complete R environment working in RStudio with RTools. I need RTools as I work with Stan and related packages such as "brms", "rstan", "rstanarm".

Would not have been possible without RStudio being available in Anaconda and the flexibility of "devtools". Most of all, I thank this community once again.



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