Installing RStudio Server on Red Hat 7

I work for a medium-sized company (about 300 employees) that is almost exclusively using windows. Only a handful of colleagues are using R, via a distributed RStudio Install.
I convinced the IT department to try out Rstudio Server, but they installed it on the only Linux they know, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (which they use for databases). Unfortunately, they installed it on RHEL version 6, where I have problems installing packages because they don't compile with the old version of gcc that comes with RHEL 6.

Here's my question: they offered to try an install on RHEL 7. Should I let them try this, or is this a bad idea in general? Does anyone have experiences with Rstudio Server on RHEL 7.


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Hi, we have in our company Rstudio server on redhat 7.2 distribution and every is working fine. We have to install separately some system dependencies when required by some :package: at installation, but they can be installed by compilation. So no problem to install on RHEL 7 I guess.