Installing RStudio Dektop on Ubuntu 20

Hi everyone,
I am trying to install RStudio on Ubuntu 20.
R-base is installed and working (4.1.2)

I then tried to install RStudio following the website: Download RStudio Server for Debian & Ubuntu - RStudio

sudo apt-get install gdebi-core
sudo gdebi rstudio-server-2021.09.1-372-amd64.deb

However this does not work. The errors are (translating from Germany):

  • dpkg: Error related to archive rstudio-server-2021.09.1-372-amd64.deb

  • cannot open /usr/lib/rstudio-server/www/rstudio/4032CB57FF3A58D9FCAE4CBA2130587E.cache.js.dpkg-new

  • useradd: user Ā»rstudio-serverĀ« already exists (I tried multiple times)

Has someone experienced something similar or could help me interpret what those errors mean?

Thank you in advance

Edit (December 10th, 2021): I was finally able to fix it by adding --force-all to the installation command. Maybe this is usefull for someone encountering the same issue.

The desktop version is available from here:
Download the RStudio IDE - RStudio

You have been trying to install the server version.

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Argh, so obvious, thanks Martin!

Nevertheless, the error persists, at least when installing the .deb version for Ubuntu 18.
I'll try the tar.gz tomorrow when I am more awake, but a quick question to be sure: will these run on Ubuntu 20 as only 18 is indicated?

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