Installing R Studio

I have been attempting to install R Studio on my HP laptop, as it's needed for a DS course I'm taking at Johns Hopkins. Download is no problem, and the execute file seems to work just fine, but once done, I am not able to open the application.

When I go to Program Files/R Studio, see attachment.

What do I need to do in order to get R Studio installed and running?

Hi there,

In the bin subfolder, you should see rstudio.exe - double-click it to launch RStudio. Your installation also may have put an icon on the desktop which looks like the icon on the right in the picture below:

That's the icon you should use.

Note that the icon on the left is for R (not RStudio), which you also need to have installed on your system in order to program in R via RStudio.

Hope this helps!

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I've even gone into settings and set up a second user account with Admin rights, but then when I try to sign into Windows under that new account, it wont't take the password i assigned.....really crazy stuff