Installing R Statistic on Remote Desktop Server (RDS- 2008/2012)

Hi there,
Is there any possible problem or issue while installing R -Statistics on Windows 2012 -Remote Desktop Services.
We are planning to install R -Statistics on class via Windows Server 2012 so student can connect simultaneously
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I'm not sure what you mean by "R -Statistics." R is a programming language, and it definitely should have no problems being installed on Windows Server 2012. If R is the only language you are targeting, you might consider RStudio or RStudio Server. RStudio Server (installed on a linux OS) would support a lot of concurrency by allowing students to access RStudio in their browsers.

You might take a look at RStudio Cloud as well. Many professors use that service for teaching R in RStudio without having to worry about server infrastructure, etc. Fair warning, though - it is an Alpha product, so there are still some kinks being worked out.