Installing R server Pro and R open source in same Linux server


We have open source R server/Rstudio IDE installed in Linux OS. We are planning to get R server Pro. My question is can I install R server pro with open source R in the same OS?

Do you mean open source RStudio IDE? Or open source R?

Open source R is what we would expect for you to install on a server with RStudio Server Pro. In fact, we recommend building from source, so installing the open source version is the only option in our best practices, so to speak.

@cole Thanks for the reply.

I don't understand your answer completely. We are planning to purchase R studio PRO. Are you saying that i have to install R studio IDE PRO with open source Rserver?

I am picturing if we purchase Rstudio IDE PRO it will come with R server as well? Please clarify me if I am wrong.

I think there is some misconception here about the different pieces of software and how they interact.

  • RStudio Server Pro - the IDE running on a server (access in your browser), commercial version
  • RStudio Server Open Source - the IDE running on a server (access in your browser), open source version
  • R - the open source language where packages are loaded, code is executed, etc. R has many versions (3.4.3, 3.4.4, most recently 3.5.0) and all should be compatible with the different IDE products

Microsoft has a bunch of software that they bring into this stack as well, but you didn't mention Microsoft, so I'm not sure if any of their products are muddying the waters.

In any case, it is generally not possible to install RStudio Server Pro (the pro version of the IDE in your browser) on the same server where RStudio Server Open Source (the open source version of the IDE in your browser) is installed.

That said, both products require that R is installed on your server. Any version of R will do, and RStudio Server Pro actually allows many versions of R to exist side-by-side, but this usually requires compiling R from source.

I have not mentioned "R server," since that is terminology that we do not generally use. We do require installing R on your server in order to use the IDE products.

@cole Thanks for the clarification.

Being that said, can I install open source version & licensed version in the same server?

See above - generally, it is not possible to have both the licensed version and the open source version running on the same server. Is there any particular reason you want to do that?

Gotcha. Thanks for the details.