Installing Quarto without root access on CentOS

hey y'all, I'm trying to install Quarto on a CentOS machine on which I do NOT have root access. the nbdec folks have a great little summary of how to install Quarto on a Debian box without root, but my machine is a CentOS box so those don't exactly work.

I presume I'll have to build from source maybe? Anyone already done the work and have Yum RPMs built?

Is it CentOS 7? If so, I'm guessing that it'll be a similar issue I'm having with RHEL 7 and quarto's JS runtime Deno:

Quarto on Red Hat linux · Discussion #380 · quarto-dev/quarto-cli · GitHub

You can get quarto via mamba / conda-forge but it's < 1.2, so extensions won't work all that well, but it will work. I'm also working on getting quarto working on RHEL 7 with Deno from conda-forge and the tar.gz for RHEL 7 from the GitHub Latest Release.

But I'll also keep an eye out here in case someone else has a better solution.

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So I used these install instructions: RStudio Install Quarto - RStudio Documentation

But with the linux-rhel7-amd64.tar.gz, which you would also need for CentOS 7. I was installing it for all the users on a Workbench server, so I put it in /opt/quarto/${QUARTO_VERSION}/ but you can probably put it in ~/.local/share/quarto/ I imagine.

Then check if it works with ~/.local/share/quarto/${QUARTO_VERSION}/bin/quarto check and then add to path

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