Installing packages to all users

I have updated my R studio version on server, and I wanted to install packages using my admin account, so that all remaining users can access the packages I have installed previously, without having to install them one by one.

It just seemed that only admin will have access to the packages I have installed, but none of the users do.They still need to install the packages even if I have previously installed them.

Is there a way to get around this? My hope is that we can just do a one time installation, that works for everybody.


Renv package allows for a global cache to be set for all users that are configured to share it

Hi @nirgrahamuk, do you mind elaborating slightly more on what I should do?

Read about the renv package. It's on CRAN and has a GitHub presence.

You can install as root from the terminal, this will install into the system-level package library.

sudo su - -c "R -e \"install.packages('any_package', repos='')\""

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