Installing package on shiny server

we are attempting to install an R package on the shiny server
install.packages('ggplot2'). We have a user, but cannot remember the password, so created a new user with same credentials. When I attempt to install the package, i get the following message.

login as: shiny_prod

shiny_prod@'s password:

Last login: Tue Oct 23 09:19:40 2018

-sh-4.2$ R

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> install.packages('ggplot2')

Installing package into ‘/usr/lib64/R/library’

(as ‘lib’ is unspecified)

Warning in install.packages("ggplot2") :

'lib = "/usr/lib64/R/library"' is not writable

Would you like to use a personal library instead? (y/n)

Is this because it is a new user and needs to build its own library? will this be available to all usres who access the site if I say "yes"?

The new user might not have admin/root privileges.

Use of 'packrat' will be a nice way to maintain the global list of packages and keep the user-defined package installs, limited to a particular application. That way you won't need to provide each user with write-access to '/usr/lib64/R/library'.

Also , rs-connect would be a better substitute to shiny-server as it has an inbuilt capacity of invoking packrat before launching the application (R-Studio Connect)

Hope this is helpful!