Installing arules


First post to the community.

I am setting up a new laptop with RStudio. I need to install arules.


RStudio is set to use Repository (CRAN) for the work. However, I am not finding arules. I am finding four variants of arules. Attached is a screen snip of what I see.

Where do I get the arules package by way

of RStudio, please?


First off, update your R package—the current version is 4.1.2. It's a good practice not to lag further behind than the current 4.x; it's usually no problem to be at 4.x.2, say, when the current is 4.x.9, but 3.x is clear out.

In particular, the {arules} package requires that R be at version 4.0.0 or greater. After you've replaced R just


in the console pane

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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