Installing a Bitbucket package in a Docker image when it has a dependency on another Bitbucket package

I'm trying to install a Bitbucket package in a Docker image. The command to do this in my Dockerfile is:

RUN --mount=type=secret,id=bitbucket_password . /run/secrets/bitbucket_password && R -e "remotes::install_bitbucket(repo='myorg/afp.model',ref='v0.1.1',auth_user='$BITBUCKET_USER',password='$BITBUCKET_PASSWORD')"

The problem is this package has a dependency on another of our packages which I've specified in the Remotes section of the package as:


When I try to build the package I get the following error at the console:

Error: Failed to install 'afp.model' from Bitbucket:
  cannot open URL ''

I've already passed in my username and password, and I am able to install our other packages that don't have such dependencies, so I'm not sure why it can't open that URL (if it's a permissions issue)?

Would appreciate any help in troubleshooting this. :slight_smile:

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