installation of tidyverse failed

Can someone explain with more detail how the problem in the post above was solved? Drazraut said they were able use sudo privileges first and then install tidyverse. Can someone explain exactly how to do that? Why is it happening? I'm not understanding what to do from the other tidyverse postings. Thank you!

here is what happened to me when I tried to download it:

here's the rest of it, which the actual error message. Sorry it's so small, I can't actually copy the text because there are too many URLs

Your problem is different from the one in the post you are referring to.

You are missing a couple of system dependencies (i. e. libcurl and libssl) you need to install these dependencies in your system (not in R) before trying to install those R packages. The exact commands to install those system libraries depend on what operating system you are using.

Also, please do not post screenshots, they are considered a bad practice here, post the console output as formatted code instead, here is how to do it.

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