Installation of R packages in R studio

I recently updated both R and R studio. I have R4.1.2 and R Studio 2021.09.2. All seemed fine until I started installing packages and R studio kept telling me things like "Warning in install.packages :
package ‘gstat_2.0-8.tar.gz’ is not available for this version of R".

While some packages installed OK, for a whole load of common packages (gstat, ggplot2, etc), it seemed impossible. Working directly directly in R there is no problem installing these packages.

I now see that "install packages works" if selected under under "tools" on the main R studio menu but it doesn't work if run from the "packages" menu, even if they produce identical looking dialogue boxes!

Unfortunately not so simple. I have now found some packages which still won't install either way

There is no single cause for all installation issues, you need to be more specific and post the complete error message you get for each package you are trying to install.

For example, this error message suggests that you have used the command install.packages("gstat_2.0-8.tar.gz") which would be incorrect, you should use install.packages("gstat") instead.

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