installation of package ‘tidyverse’ had non-zero exit status

Hi guys, I am totally new to RStudio and my teacher ask me to install R or Rstudio and some packages. But when I try to install the package 'tidyverse', here are the messages I got. And actually, this 'non-zero exit status' problem happens to another package installations too, but I successfully installed the package "knitr" and "rmarkdown", so I don't understand why.
I sincerely thank you all for your replies and help!

We do not have access to the link you have posted, please post the error message you get directly here as formated code, here is how to do it:

Thank you for your tips, but the error message is really long (about 14 pages), I'm not sure which part should I post

Code that errors can be expected to throw additional related errors further down. Therefore just share the output from the beginning up to and including the first error (or two to be sure). It's text so the word Error should be searchable)

Thank you four your help, I add the first two error messages, could you please check it?

Your clang version doesn't seem to be compatible, also you are using R through Anaconda, this is not officially supported so you are going to experience a lot of installation issues, I recommend you to use a stand alone R installation instead.

the problem is solved, thank you.

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