install unix binaries

I am thinking about using posit cloud to teach some bioinformatic tutorials, but i would need to install some unix binaries. I was able to upload one binary and run it (seqkit). Is this your recommended way to install all unix binaries, or is there something i'm missing (e.g. a posit version of homebrew for instance)?


For Debian derivatives, {r2u} is an interface to a repository of compiled CRAN packages (super-comprehensive).

Thanks for the answer. i later realised that i could just download binaries and makefiles directly

installation code

cd /cloud/project
mkdir bin
cd bin

# samtools
curl -L | tar -jxvf - 
cd samtools-1.18
cd ..
mv samtools-1.18/samtools ./

# minimap2
curl -L | tar -jxvf -
mv minimap2-2.26_x64-linux/minimap2 ./

# seqkit
curl -L | tar -xzvf -

# ASCIIGenome

# FastQC
curl -L --output

# test if binaries run
cd /cloud/project/
bin/ASCIIGenome-1.17.0/ASCIIGenome # q to quit. Needs to be in directory with its java file
bin/FastQC/fastqc --help # Needs to be in directory with its java file

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