Install TinyTex for RStudio for all users on Windows

here's hoping I'm not missing something very obvious...

I'm trying to install TinyTex on my corporate PC (Windows 10 Enterprise). I have a normal user account and an admin account and I need to install TinyTex for both.
I successfully installed RStudio and installed the package tinytex. Now I'm trying to install TinyTex using this command in RStudio (running in admin mode).

tinytex::install_tinytex(root="C:\\Program Files\\TinyTex")

I changed the root folder because otherwise it installs in C:\users\admin account\appdata.
This installation works fine as long as I use RStudio in admin mode but as soon as I switch to the normal user account it says TinyTex isn't installed.


What can I do to install TinyTex for all users?

I'm using RStudio 2022.07.2 Build 576.


Is TinyTex included in the System PATH environment variable?

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I added it as a system environment (not user) variable using the Windows interface.

I called the variable pdflatex and tried both the path to the bin and the path to the pdflatex.exe.

I still get the error message saying that no latex installation could be detected...

I suppose you installed using admin ? What path did you put into your PATH ? Is tlgmr findable by a user ?
It should be a matter of readable folder by everyone, and then tlmgr being on PATH so it is found in R.
Check what has been put in your PATH.
Otherwise, you can set tinytex.tlmgr.path R option to where the bin folder is. THis should make R tinytex found the executables.

Otherwise, if you are open to other installation methods you can install TinyTeX for Windows using

I'll try to find more time to check if everything works ok on a clean computer, but you may succeed to install before then.

Hope it helps

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Thanks for your reply! I wasn't aware that the environment variable had to be called "PATH". I thought the name was arbitrary...
I changed the variable name to PATH now and set it to the bin folder. Works like a charm now. Cheers!

Pay attention not to modify the current PATH. You need to add to the existing PATH variable. Otherwise, you will replace by only TinyTeX PATH and then other things won't work. Check PATH environment variable in terminal - it must be a long string with several paths.

Glad it works now !

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