Install Shiny Server on SLES 12

I've installed Shiny server on SLES 12 SP2 according to instructions. However, after installation, no process named shiny is active, and when trying to start it, I'm seeing:

# systemctl start shiny-server
Failed to start shiny-server.service: Unit shiny-server.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

What am I missing?

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Hi Kirill ! I believe the Admin guide has some more things to verify, have you been able to take a look at it?

Hi @krlmlr,

I had a similar problem on CentOS last year, this is what I did:

  • open the service conf file:
    sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/shiny-server.service
  • comment the line:
  • reload the services units:
    systemctl daemon-reload
  • start the service:
    sudo service shiny-server restart

You should also restart the system to check the above tweak is actually working

Hope this helps,


@edgararuiz: The tweaks refer to Shiny Server Pro, I'm installing the open-source version.

@datamaps: I don't have /etc/systemd/system/shiny-server.service.

Rebooting seems to have resolved the issue. I'd expect the installer to work without a reboot, but it's not a major priority for me anymore :wink:

Ah! the old but reliable "have you turn it off and on again" did the trick. I should have led with that one :slight_smile:

I'm curious, why did you choose SLES 12 over something like Ubuntu?

Yeah, should have tried that first.

SLES was IT department's choice, don't know why.

I have the same problem. After reboot the shiny-server.service file is not there. I have SLES12 SP3.