Install / run / access external solver on shinyappsio shiny app

I might be barking up the wrong tree here but I've searched for information unsuccessfully so I thought it was time to ask the question...

I have developed a shiny app that calls a Julia app that runs an LP solver then returns the results to my shiny app. To make this work on my local machine I have Julia and the LP solver installed. I'd like to deploy this small app on shinyappsio but I cannot find the documentation to explain how I go about setting up my environment to include those non-R applications.

Can anyone point me to some resources that explain and demonstrate how this can be done on

back in 2020 had Julia 1.0.2 installed and available to use.
As such I would expect it to work the same as it does on your local machine.
Have you seen that it doesnt ?

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Thanks for the quick response.

I haven't tested it yet - just doing my research...

How about the solver (CBC at the moment)? Will I be able to run that on the server?

If you need system dependencies to be installed, file an issue on this GitHub repository

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Thanks both, I will try to piece it together with this information.