Install R, RStudio Server and Shiny Server on Amazon Linux 2023


Has anyone installed R, RStudio Server and Shiny Server on a Amazon Linux 2023?

R and Shiny Server seems to work well but the RStudio Server doesn´t start and gives error messages.

The error message says: "cat: /etc/ No such file or directory"

Github copilot says: " If you're encountering the error cat: /etc/ No such file or directory , it means the configuration file intended to include the directory of your custom OpenSSL libraries in the system's library path does not exist. This situation can prevent applications from finding the OpenSSL libraries you installed from source, especially if they were installed in a non-standard location."

I follow the steps provided by Copilot but the error persists.

I´m trying to install the latest RStudio Server version found here for RStudio Server - Posit

Thanks in advance.

Pablo Arroyo.

Hi @jpabloarb, welcome to the forum!

Have you tried installing OpenSSL, similar to these instructions:


Hi Randy. Thank you very much for your welcoming!

The instructions you sent me look pretty good. I will give it a try.

A concern about this is that RStudio Server is requiring OpenSSL 1.1 but the latest version of this package is 3.0.14. I think this could create a security breach on the systems.

Is there a way to install the latest version of OpenSSL and that RStudio Server use it?

The version of OpenSSL expected differs by the operating system version. So depending which binary you downloaded, it may require OpenSSL 1.1 or one of the newer versions.

Some internal folks noted that Posit doesn't support Amazon Linux 2023, as there are other packages (notably, pandoc) that aren't part of the image. So even if you get OpenSSL installed, you may still have issues. If you use a newer version of Ubuntu (22 for instance), it will link against OpenSSL 3.


Yes, that is the conclusion. Sadly Posit doesn´t support AL 2023 as of today and we should consider move to Ubuntu.

I appreciate your clear and fast resolution.


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