Install package every day until project is done?

Hey there - each day of this multi-day project, do I need to do the install.package()? My understanding was that as long as I save the project the installation is done only at the beginning and doesn't need to be done again each day. BUT, the library() function needs to be done anew each day, correct? Another question: when I load the tidyverse packages, it returns green checkmarked packages under the heading "attaching core tidyverse packages", and, below that, under the heading "conflicts", red-x marks next to dplyr filter() masks stats filter() and deplyr lag() masks stats lag(). I believe I need the dplyr package for the bind and/or merge functions.

Yes, you only need to install a package once and use library() each time you restart R.
The conflicts noted when you load the tidyverse just mean that tidyverse functions are taking precedence over other functions that have the same name. For example dplyr::filter will be run if you use filter(), taking precedence over the stats::filter function. If you should need to run the function from stats, you will need to include the package name in the call: stats::filter().

Thanks very much, FJCC!

If you leave a session without restarting R (in the Session menu), the packages should still be loaded when you go back later.

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