Install multiple r versions (OS: Windows 10) and use them to cover specific reasons inside RStudioDesktop

I want to use more than one different RVersions (R x64 3.5.1 is running and R x64 3.6.1 should be added) on one and the same local Windows 10 computer.
The different RVersions should be integrated in the same RStudion Desktop environment (1.2.1335) which is able to handle multiple Rversions.
I need to test a few constellations with different RVersions and each RVersion has an own setting of packages.

I don't want to change the Windows Registry keys as mentioned in: and am hoping there is another way which could avoid that.

I have a few questions regarding that:

  1. Is it possible in general to integrate more than one RVersions in one and the same RStudion environment?
  2. Which method is the most usefull way to install more than one RVesion?
  3. Am I destroying my current R-Installation if I'm using the Windows installer for R x64 3.6.1?

Thanks a lot for your answer

On windows, different version of R get installed on its own folder so you can choose which one to use, although you can't use two versions simultaneously on the same RStudio session.

Just to be sure before I do that (I didn't found any sufficient documentation about my aim) - could you please answer my question:

No, as I said before, on windows each R version gets installed in its own independent folder so you can keep older versions and packages.

I want to keep my already existing default version 3.5.3 as the main version ( so this version number and file association is in my registry and should stay as my default version) - if I'm running the windows installer with the version 3.6.1 I guess it's more useful to deselect the following 2 installing options - right?

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