Install issues - installing different version then downloaded

Confused - downloaded Rstudio-1.2.5033 but it’s installing 1.0.143

What’s going on??

Can you detail the steps you are following?

Yup, the usual!

Go to website, hit button for download rstudio for windows.

It downloads file - Rstudio-1.2.5033.exe

Double click and run installer

Open Rstudio, go to help about Rstudio

See current version is version 1.0.143

Are you sure the installation process ends successfully? Try uninstalling RStudio before installing the new version.

Have done several times

Just to be sure, I have downloaded and installed the file myself on Windows sandbox and got the expected result, RStudio Version 1.2.5033 (So the installer is OK)

My guess is that you have the previous version installed on a different path and you are not actually uninstalling it.

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