Install dev version of a required package in GitHub Actions

I am the maintainer of two packages on GitHub:

I'm setting up GitHub Actions to run CMD CHECK when changes are pushed to GitHub. I would like to run CMD CHECK when I push on the development branches (9000 branch) in each project. The problem is that the 9000 branch of phenoptrReports requires the 9000 branch of phenoptr. Is there a way I can code the action file for phenoptrReports to install the correct version of phenoptr?

In essence, if the phenoptrReports action is running because of a push to the 9000 branch, I would like to run
before installing the other dependencies.

Thanks for any help!
Kent Johnson
Akoya Biosciences

I'm getting closer...the full ref of the branch is available in the environment as GITHUB_REF . I can't figure out how to use this in install_github. I've tried
remotes::install_github("akoyabio/phenoptr", ref="${{ env.GITHUB_REF }}")
which gave me an empty string, and
remotes::install_github("akoyabio/phenoptr", ref="${GITHUB_REF}")
remotes::install_github("akoyabio/phenoptr", ref="$GITHUB_REF")
which inserted the literal strings $%7BGITHUB_REF%7D and $GITHUB_REF
remotes::install_github("akoyabio/phenoptr", ref="${{GITHUB_REF}}")
gives an error: Unrecognized named-value: 'GITHUB_REF'. Located at position 1 within expression: GITHUB_REF

The GitHub Actions docs don't have a clear example of referencing a built-in environment variable and the examples I find from searching are inconsistent.

I got it is what worked:

          remotes::install_github("akoyabio/phenoptr", ref="${{github.ref}}")
          remotes::install_deps(dependencies = TRUE, upgrade="never")

I found github.ref in a forum, I don't see that in the official docs at all. The first line installs the correct version of the dependency; the upgrade="never" in the second line prevents overwriting the package installed in the first line with the incorrect one.

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