Install Blastula in Rstudio cloud, to send emails automatically from Rstudio cloud

How can I install Blastula in Rstudio cloud?

According to this link:
it is necessary to add an executable but it seems it cannot be done in Rstudio cloud?

If that it not possible, is there any other way to achieve the same as the above library on Rstudio cloud?

For starters, does not provide an SMTP server with which to send emails. You will need to connect to your own SMTP server, or a service that provides one, such as Google, Mailgun or Sendgrid.

It appears that blastula allows mailsend-go to be located in the current working directory, so you may be able to grab the tarball and extract it in your project.

I believe that there are other R packages for sending email that might not require additional binaries.

Hope that helps.

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