"<-" insertions after "Return to main window"

Hi there,

I've been noticing an annoying bug in the IDE recently.

When I use "Show in a new window" of a source file and go back to "Return to main window" sometimes there is a <- inserted somewhere in the code. Sometimes it is just inserted somewhere, sometimes it replaces parts of my code, sometime it's just one <- sometimes multiple, sometimes at one place and sometimes at multiple places.

The really annoying thing now is that I can use ⌘+Z to undo this. The only way I can rectify this is by either manually searching and deleting those insertions, or by just saving the file and using Time Machine to go back to the previous version.

I'm on MacOS 10.13.3 and RStudio 1.1.442.

It would be great if this bug would be squished.


It's going to be tough for us to diagnose this issue without something a bit more deterministic.

Do you use the Alt + - shortcut for insertion of the assignment operator? Does using that command seem to be correlated with the presence of these rogue assignment operators?

I know but I haven't made out a pattern yet. I'll be observing the behaviour more closely and see if I can make it reproducible.
Yes, I'm exclusively using the Alt + - shortcut to insert the assignment operator.