insert xlsx data into data frame

with the same format as in the excel format.

For example in an excel cell, some of the words are bold or link, can we insert into data frame in that format ?

Please advise ? Thanks

You can't read your Excel table into a dataframe keeping format, a dataframe is an object in memory, not a visual representation of your data. Although, you can replicate the format while rendering the content of a dataframe into a table, there are several packages that allow you to format tables, if you need specific help, please provide a minimal REPRoducible EXample (reprex)

Thanks for the feedback.
I haven’t use R tables yet.
Let me look into it.

How about this, I upload the excel data with its formatting into a r table (with the same formatting). Can that be done ?

I might want to check out python to do this too.

As long as I know, this is not possible but I might be wrong.

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