Insert citations in non visual markdown editor

Can the new Insert citations option be used outside the visual mode of the markdown editor?
I was looking for this option and dialog in the normal source editor of R markdown but I only found it when I looked at and I realized that it talked on visual markdown editor.

It would be very helpful to have this option on source editor if it isn't.

Thank you!

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Hi @iago,
I haven't used Insert citations myself, but I took a look at the documentation you linked to, and I noticed this quote:

Alternatively, you can use markdown syntax directly (e.g. by typing [@cite] or @cite ) .

I assume that this means you could do this in regular RMarkdown too, outside of the visual editor? I haven't tested it, but you could give that a try and see if it works!

Hi @kaijabean,

Yes, I can use markdown syntax directly to insert citations, but the feature I mean is that it detects automatically your bibliography (in .bib file, in zotero, etc.) and expand it, so I can choose from the expanded references the one wants to insert. Also, I asked because they refer to

You may insert citations using the Insert -> Citation command
Use the toolbar button

And I did found neither the Insert command nor the toolbar button in source mode

Oh, I see what you're asking. Are you running the 1.4 preview release of RStudio? If you are, and it isn't working, then yeah I'd assume this feature isn't accessible beyond the visual markdown editor. But I'm not positive, and maybe someone from RStudio can chime in!

In fact I'm running the 1.4 release of RStudio (not the preview release). Thank you for the answer and let's see..

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